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For Studios, Gyms, and Centers.

offer your coaches more

You offer your clients great benefits, now you can offer your staff as well with no cost. Regardless of if your staff is PT, FT, or contracted we can offer them coveted access to affordable health benefits.

offer your clients more

Now is the perfect time to offer your clients more wellness services. We can show you how without raising your operational costs. Sounds amazing? It is!

Our mission is to provide access to integrative wellbeing to those seeking it but may have limited resources and/or knowledge to do so. We do this by connecting individuals, studios, gyms, and wellness centers to integrative wellness coaches.

What is Integrative Wellness?

Your body, spirit, and mind are all considered with Integrative Wellness. Integrative wellness (a.k.a holistic wellness) modalities such as yoga, conscious breathing, meditation, nutrition, exercise, audio therapy and various other forms of experiential or body based healing harness the bodies innate wisdom to balance and repair. The benefits of integrating the elements of wellness is to create lasting and broad sweeping change in our overall health and wellness. 

Why should your business be interested in Integrative Wellness and BE WELL Coaches offerings?

When you partner with BE WELL Coaches, you enable your business to offer clients services that will enhance their overall experience with your brand, enable advancement in their wellness journey and potentially retain your clients for longer. 

How does BE WELL Coaches help your clients?

Our expert wellness coaches specialize in aspects of Integrative Wellness as well as work together to provide customized plans for their unique wellness journey, accountability to maintain follow through, and support in their wellness journey.


How does BE WELL help your business?

Your business can offer more services without increasing your expenses that are usually associated with offering more services.

Customers address various aspects of their wellness needs without having to look outside your business, which aids in retention.

Your clients are encouraged to be engaged with your original offerings in conjunction with the new wellness offerings.

Offering more wellness services can help attract new customers.

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