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About the Virtual Summit

If BE WELL UNITED had to choose the most important take away of the entire 2020 experience it would be that "WELLNESS IS EVERYTHING". Wellness includes physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, social, and environmental health. These elements combined make for integrated wellness. 

These days, a lot of us find ourselves living in a chaotic and demanding environment. Add in the overwhelming societal pressure to consume, political turmoil, uncertain economy, drastic environmental changes, and now the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 and we have a sure fire recipe for unhealthy living.

One thing that is certain in this world is uncertainty. Our healthy solution for living with uncertainty and the negative elements around us everyday 

Reasons to Be a Speaker

  • Free Promotion of Your Business

  • Get the Emails from All Event Attendees to Add to Your List

  • Market Your Services & Business

  • You Can Speak Live or Submit a Pre-Recorded Lesson/Training

  • Get Leads

  • Share Your Passion

  • Grow Awareness of Integrative Wellbeing

  • Help Individuals on their Wellness Journey

Meditation Group
Healthy Cooking
Female Basketball Player

Summit Topics Include


Mindfulness, Mindset, Stress Management, Transformation, Anxiety Reduction, Meditation, Habits, Happiness, etc.


Nutrition, Stretching, Yoga, HIIT, Goal Setting, Transformation, Self Care, Stress Reduction, Energy, etc.


Self Love, Self Care, Mindset, Energy, Environment, Meditation, Relationships, etc.

Who Should You Apply?


Collaborating with others in the industry is an easy, cost effective growth strategy.


Get exposure to your an audience that is interested in wellness information, resources, and guidance.


Get leads that are interested in wellness. As a speaker you will get the contact information from all attendees that you can connect with later.


Get free access to the Be Well Business Growth Tribe where we strategically grow together.

Apply to Be A Speaker

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