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Financially Fit

Boot camp

A 30-Day Transformation Program


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Holistic Transformation

The FFB Method jump-starts financial health to see immediate and sustainable results. We believe that long-lasting transformation comes from a well-informed and conscious relationship with money as well as the adoption of positive financial behaviors, mindset, and intentions.  Our flagship product, the Financially Fit Bootcamp, aids participants in understanding money management, developing a plan, and building a healthy money mindset, behaviors, and habits.


convenient access to meetings and your coach ​​
The class meets one hour a week via a zoom chat. You work through your workbook every day. You will be added to a private community group to ask all your questions and receive responses from your coach. You will receive 2, 30 minutes 1-1 coaching sessions as well as have the ability to email and text your coach at any time. 

About the Program

What Makes Us Different
Weekly Meeting

The Financially Fit Babes Co is an online educational resource and community that empowers women by teaching a healthy money mindset, fundamentals, and holistic money management.

Private Virtual Community

The FFB community is made up of a collective of diverse women with an interest in overall health and wellness.

1-on-1 Coaching

FFB makes the reshaping finances easy by using the FFB Transformation Method to teach participants. Courses are designed for long-lasting transformation.

Transformation workbook that helps you to easily understand how to build a strong financial foundation, a healthy money mindset, and create and meet goals in 30 days.



Krystal Rose

An entrepreneur who is extremely passionate about empowering women via wellness transformation. She has been a Nationally Certifed Financial Educator since 2018 and combined the methods used for fitness transformation and mindful living to create the 30 day Financially Fit Boot Camp.

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