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Personal Trainer

Join the Be Well list of reommended coaches

Connecting Experts with Wellness Seekers

Be Well Coaches is a platform for coaches to be connected with clients searching for integrative wellness services and advice.

We are looking for certified coaches, trainers, and practitioners who are passionate about wellness, knowledgeable about integrative wellness, and able to provide services/offerings virtual to clients. You will not be an employee or contractor of BE WELL Coaches. As an active member, you will receive leads.

Reasons to become a member

  • Promotion of your business

  • Promotion of your relevant events

  • Market your services & business

  • Help individuals on their wellness journey

  • Be considered for national and international retreats

What Coaches Provide as Members

  • Contribute content to our resources including social media posts, website resources, workshops, webinars, podcast guests, featured posts.

  • Discounts, coupons, or specials, and or free information to visitors and members seeking your expertise.

Who Should You Apply?


Collaborating with others in the industry is an easy, cost effective growth strategy.


Get exposure to your an audience that is interested in wellness information, resources, and guidance.


Get leads that are interested in wellness. 


Get access to affordable rates and discounts for health-related services and benefits. We are constantly adding new benefits.

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