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Scholarship & Incentives

If you need help funding this program, then you definitely need this program.

babe wellbeing - scholarship for FF Boot


Limited Scholarships Available.

Our mission is to transform lives through financial education. If you cannot currently pay for the program but you want to transform your money mindset, your financial foundation, and create a new, positive financial future we ask that you prove it.

We ask you to prove it because the program is intense and we want you to take it seriously. Please fill out the application and we will get back to you about your acceptance into the next program.


What If I am Not Accepted?

If you are not accepted into a session. Please consider the following options:

1. You can reapply in 30 days

2. Take up extra work and save up. The amount of $159 can be a big amount to some. However, consider it a small price to pay to invest in your future.

3. Write to us about a payment plan.

Alternative to Scholarship

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Incentive Program

Must Apply for the Incentive Program.

We have learned that even if you start the program with full intention to finish life happens, motivation decrease, things come up to take your time. For transformation to occur our enrolled babes need to be dedicated to completing the goal and putting in the effort to learn and retain the information as well as complete the exercises.

Step 3 of our transformation formula is "Accountability". The way we help you stay accountable is by providing you the opportunity to get your money back by COMPLETING the program. As a reward, we will refund your payment or you can use it as a credit for more services. So really, we motivate you to follow through with the program by promising your deposit back.


The program took a year to develop and incorporates 10 years of working knowledge.


Why are we willing to give you years worth of work for free?

When we started Financially Fit Babes, we were hosting free women and money empowerment classes. We saw the impact it made in women's lives. We have taken all of our knowledge and best practices to create a program that works. We wouldn't be financially savvy if we gave away our products to everyone so we have to charge. However, we do believe in giving people the opportunity to take the program at little to no cost. 

What Next?

To optimize the learning environment and ensure individual attention, class sizes are limited to 10 students a class. The classes book up weeks in advance, so apply for your scholarship or incentive as soon as possible. You can apply for both but awards are not guaranteed.


If you get an award you will be notified via email and a call. After you accept your award, you will be sent registration instructions and prework. 


We take your financial health seriously and by registering for this course you do as well. So let's make the most out of the program. You will receive some light assignments prior to the start date to get you set up for the coursework and get you engaged with your private community (other classmates). 

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